Keeping an Eye on the Future

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Keeping an Eye on the Future

Falcon Eye Drones or FEDS was one of the first businesses in the Middle East to use drone technology for mapping and inspections.
Today, it is one of the top service companies operating high-end drones and making major advances in its field. “It is not a big secret how we established ourselves as one of the top drone service providers. We always aim to deliver exceptional customer service and have developed some world class applications. We are growing at 600 percent from last year, driven mostly by the rapid international spread of drone use. We have developed a unique application that is proving to be very effective for our clients and is now in very high demand,” beams Rabih Bou Rashid, the man at the helm of the fast-growing start-up.

[Rabih Bou Rashid on SME Advisor Magazine – issue #138]

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