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A new standard for the commercial drone industry

Setting the industry benchmark through advanced AI technology, the DJI Matrice 300 boasts 6 directional sensing & positioning, multiple payloads, and hot swappable batteries to power 55 minutes of flight time. Operational from -20 to +50°C with an IP45 waterproof rating and 15km transmission capabilities; the Matrice 300 is the latest and greatest in advanced drone assistance.
commercial drone1
55-min max flight time
commercial drone2
15km max transmission
commercial drone3
6 directional sensing & positioning
commercial drone4
Primary flight display
commercial drone5
IP45 rating
commercial drone6
-20°C to 50°C Operating Temperature
commercial drone7
Hot-swappable Battery
commercial drone8
UAV Health Management System


superior perf-1

Advanced Transmission

Reliable flight, even within high-interference environments: securely send triple channel 1080p video data across 15km with 2.5 to 5.8GHz real-time auto-switching and AES-256 encryption.
15 km
Transmission range
1080 p
Triple-channel Video
2.4/5.8 GHz
Real-time Auto-switching
superior perf-2

Enhanced Aerodynamic Flight

Efficient, stable flight even in harsh conditions: experience 55 minutes of flight capability at speeds of up to 23 metres per second in flight and 7m/s in descent. Equipped with 15m/s wind resistance, a refined airframe and superior propulsion system, reliable travel is sustained up to a 7000m service ceiling
55 Min
Max Flight Time
7 m/s
Max Descend Speed
7000 m
Service Ceiling
15 M/s
Wind Resistance
23 m/s
Max Speed
superior perf-3

Specialised Payload Configuration

Equip up to 3 different payloads simultaneously for customised and mission-specific flight sensing and recording capabilities. The Matrice 300 can increase its component weight by up to 2.7k while maintaining superior performance.
spacialised 1
Single Downward Gimbal
spacialised 2
Single Upward Gimbal x Single Downward Gimbal
spacialised 3
Single Upward Gimbal x Dual Downward Gimbals
Exceptional Intelligence drone


Through live mission recordings, the use of 65,535 waypoints, and intelligent photographic framing, future inspections can be accurately automated. Current or potential issues and their coordinates are pinpointed with a single tap, while moving subjects and vehicles are equally traceable with an automatic zoom for smooth viewing. Automatic sharing capabilities allow subjects and locations to be tracked and observed immediately by multiple team members using remote controllers or online platforms. Advanced piloting systems further enable accurate position and obstacle tracking, reporting on the trajectory, altitude, velocity and wind speed for superior flexibility and enhanced mission strategy.
Safe and Reliable drone

Safe and

In-flight safety and stability are achieved through the intelligent automatic use of dual vision and ToF sensors, equipped to each 6 sides of the drone. Detection is possible up to a distance of 40 metres, with customisable sensor behaviour to maintain professional drone fleets effectively. The integrated health management system reports on the status of all systems and components, including their care, maintenance and update availability. Advanced redundancy systems keep the drone functioning and mission active, even in unexpected situations. Anti-collision beacons and AirSense assistance further allow for a safe, incident-free flight path throughout.


Battery Station
Battery Station
TB60 Intelligent Flight Battery
TB60 Intelligent Flight Battery
DJI Smart Controller Enterprise
DJI Smart Controller Enterprise
D-RTK 2 Mobile Station
D-RTK 2 Mobile Station
CSM Radar
CSM Radar

compatible payloads

Zenmuse H20
Hybrid sensor, featuring a wide camera and equipped with both the Laser RangeFinder and zooming capabilities.
Zenmuse H20T
Hybrid sensor, featuring a wide camera with additional assistance from a thermal camera. Also equipped with both the Laser RangeFinder and zooming capabilities.
Zenmuse XT S
The dual-sensor camera, benefiting from a 4K visual sensor and thermal imaging with <50 mK sensitivity.
Zenmuse XT2
Extraordinarily detailed 30× optical zoom camera; ideal for all thorough inspections.
Zenmuse Z30
A 30x optical zoom camera and digital up to 6x, with unparalleled image data capture capabilities ideal for detailed inspections. Third-party payloads
Third-party playloads
Integrate any third-party payload (sensors, robotic components and more), with DJI’s industrial drone platforms for specialised missions and tasks.


Flight time estimations for the M300 RTK, based on customisable payload configurations.

Performance-Enhancing Apps

DJI Pilot

DJI Pilot

Unleash the true power of drones with the DJI Pilot App. Specifically developed for M300 enterprise users, the DJI Pilot optimises the flight capabilities of your drone and its payloads, ensuring peak performance throughout.
 DJI FlightHub

DJI FlightHub

A one-stop solution for drone fleet management; this application allows large organisations to scale up their aerial operations while still effectively managing each drone, no matter how large the fleet.



Save lives through increased aerial awareness, without endangering your workforce.


Locate missing individuals swiftly and effectively plan rescue operations.


Effectively assess situations, plan interventions and pre-empt mission requirements to improve the safety of both officers and citizens.


Accurately pinpoint issues even in remote areas, ensuring optimal functioning of power lines across the grid.


Safely inspect pipelines, well sites and more, without sending personnel into risky situations.


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